rDora On The Benefits of Small Town Living in Saskatchewan

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Lumsden Life

Lumsden is a small town in the Qu’appelle valley in south central Saskatchewan. Known for its Scarecrow Festival, Dallas Valley Ranch Camp, Beaver Creek, and lots of other attractions. Aside from attractions, Lumsden, Saskatchewan is a beautiful community of about 1,800 people. 


Great Sense of Community

Living in a small town has a lot of benefits, but one of those benefits is that you can get to know your neighbours because everyone is your neighbour. Unlike big cities, when you go to a grocery store or an event, pretty much anyone you interact with is going to be someone you’ll run into on a daily basis. Being in a big city where you don’t know people leaves a lot of people feeling alone and ostracized. In a small town, like White City, you can’t help but get to know people and have them become a large part of your everyday life.

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Lower Living Cost

Small town means small businesses, and with small businesses there isn’t much competition for pricing. Next to that, the housing market is on your side. Property taxes tend to be lower in smaller towns and cities. Small towns means small businesses, supporting small businesses will help keep the living costs low in your small town and the local economy will thrive. Odd are, the majority of your essentials from rent to utilities to groceries is run by a local business. 


Everything is Within Short Driving Distance

Small towns are great if you’re not into long drives. Rush hour is basically non-existent so getting to work is not a hassle. There are always parking spaces available wherever you go. Once you get used to low traffic you’ll never have a tolerance for traffic in the city again. Most places you go could even be within walking distance, and safer than walking around the city.

Safety in Small towns

The general feeling of safety for you and your family has no price. Living in a smaller town means that you can feel safer to let your kids play outside, to chain your bike in front of a store or even to leave your car windows cracked open on a hot summer day without it getting stolen. 



One of the effects of living in a small town is there is less cars on the road so less air pollution. Your family’s health and safety is always a concern, living in a small town can help you keep your significant others healthy. 

Another health benefit of living in a small town would be the reduced stress. Smaller towns have less business and noise, as well as less traffic. Think about all the stress in your life you could avoid by moving to a small town!

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