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For sale
145 Spatinow DR, wetaskiwin, Alberta
$228,000 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 96.6 m2
Royal LePage Parkland Agencies
For sale
#511 9910 107 ST, morinville, Alberta
$152,900 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 76.22 m2
Canadian Real Estate Service
For sale
# 13 53219 RGE RD 271, rural parkland county, Alberta
$353,000 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 108.15 m2
Maxwell Challenge Realty
For sale
#403 279 Suder Greens DR NW, edmonton, Alberta
$239,800 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 80 m2
Professional Realty Group
For sale
#405 5340 199 ST NW, edmonton, Alberta
$218,000 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 85.65 m2
RE/MAX Professionals
7315 89 ST NW, edmonton, Alberta
$849,900 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 255.84 m2
The Good Real Estate Company
For sale
- -, boyle, Alberta
- -, Boyle • Alberta
RE/MAX Real Estate
For sale
1554 69 ST NW, edmonton, Alberta
$149,900 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 87 m2
RE/MAX River City
For sale
2452 WARE CR NW, edmonton, Alberta
$599,000 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 208.78 m2
RE/MAX Excellence
For sale
17512 53 AV NW, edmonton, Alberta
$949,900 7 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 387.3 m2
RE/MAX Excellence
For sale
263 HEATH RD NW, edmonton, Alberta
$514,800 3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 182.83 m2
RE/MAX Elite
For sale
104 SASKATCHEWAN DR NW, edmonton, Alberta
$1,599,900 6 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 301 m2
RE/MAX Elite

Want a new home in Regina? Use our easy search

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. Becoming a home owner for the first time is often very exciting as it’s a step towards making a family feel more secure and stable. No longer paying rent for an apartment you’ll never own and building equity in a property is something that gives people a sense of pride. When you’re looking at houses in the great city of Regina you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to making this city the place you’re putting roots down in.

First step is to find an agent

Finding the right people to help you when it comes to scouting out the real estate of Regina is important so that when the time comes for you to put an offer in on a house you’ll know you’re doing the right thing and will get a good result with your purchase. Looking for a home can be stressful and having skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of how the home buying process works will be a big help and give you peace of mind that everything will work out as you hope it does.

How does credit affect my house purchase?

When you are looking for homes for sale in Regina you’re going to want to figure out exactly what size of house you want and what sort of budget you have for a home. If your credit is good and you can get a good rate on a mortgage it’ll allow you to be able to make a purchase of a bigger house at a lower interest rate. Working on your credit score and how appealing you are to lenders can go a long way in helping you get what you want when it comes to home buying. You’re going to want to make sure that when you’re looking at the houses in Regina you’re putting in the work you need to get everything handled properly. Once you know you’ve done everything possible on your side it’ll make it easier for you to trust that the people working on your behalf are doing everything they can to help you land the home of your dreams.

What types of homes are in my budget?

Regina is a big city and there are plenty of different options for buying a home when you’re looking in the community. You can find anything from homes selling for about 200K to estates that cost nearly three quarters of a million dollars. There’s a large price range when it comes to finding a home and you’ll almost assuredly be able to find something that fits your budget when it comes time for you to seek out a home to purchase.

What if I have a property to sell?

Of course you might also be looking to sell a home in Regina. Knowing the MLS listings in Regina can make the process of getting your house noticed when it’s on the market easier. As much as buying a home can be stressful it can be a lot of work to sell a home as well. You might be tempted to seek out a cash buyer for a home in the hopes of getting the sale done quickly, but you have to take into account the fact that they will not be paying you full value for the home. Leaving your house on the market for a while longer while a licensed real estate professional works on selling your home is likely to end up getting you much more money in the long term. It’s up to you if you can wait for the sale and deal with the red tape of the selling process and dealing with open houses happening every so often to show the home off to prospective buyers. Learning about home sales can help you get a grip on the process and allow you to make more informed decisions when it comes to how you sell your home and what price you look to get for it.

What are the benefits of living in Regina?

Living in the capital city of Saskatchewan gives you access to all the best things that Canada has to offer. From incredible nightlife, dining and entertainment to incredible schools, hospitals, and public transportation Regina is one of the biggest centers of economic growth and prosperity in the Great White North. Looking into homes in Regina is looking into buying into the opportunity that Canada has to offer all its citizens. Be it moving from out of town or out of the country you’ll find everything you want when you come to this thriving community.

The time is now

You’re making the right decision when you look into moving into Regina and with the right team of real estate agents at your side you can rest assured you’ll be finding a great house at a fair price in no time. This is your moment to step forward and embrace becoming a home owner don’t shy away from it.